How do you measure your life’s success?

  • Net Worth 33%
  • Faithfulness 24%
  • Volunteerism 38%
  • Generosity 15%
“Moreover, it is required of stewards that they be found faithful.” quoted from Paul’s writing in 1 Corinthians 4:2, ESV.

Stewardly (styoo-erd-lee)

Simply defined, conduct exhibiting the character of a steward.  A contemporary word (eh, not so much).  An ancient but applicable concept in household financial management with a modern twist?  Absolutely.

At Stewardly, we believe ours is a dual role. We guide and advise, but we also humbly serve and follow your leading. We start by helping you uncover the “why”; the motivations, expectations and desired outcomes of life. Then we find the right strategy by creating a baseline plan and only after that can we prescribe solutions to help you implement, monitor and review your ongoing plan.

If you are ready for an objective, unbiased, fiduciary, competent manager relationship for your household financial affairs, come inside and find out more about how we can serve you.

The Stewardly Why

Our motto is “the why raises our standard”. We believe that the highest standard for success with wealth is significance that comes through faithful management of every resource.  This is a metric that transcends mere accumulation to meet needs today and leave a legacy when you are gone from this world.  Much more than that, we subscribe to the idea that how one uses temporal wealth, has actual eternal consequences and rewards.  And that is the “why” that matters most and is often overlooked in most approaches to financial planning.

We also believe wealth is more than your ability to earn and store money and that everyone will one day be held accountable for how he/she manages, or stewards, all of his/her collective wealth; time, abilities and financial resources. This is true whether you believe you have much or little.  It is our greatest desire for you to live at the highest standard of a “good and faithful” steward.


“I knew that I had a passion to help people in the area of personal financial planning.” says John R Burch, President and Founder of Stewardly, Inc.

Stewardly Financial Advisors is about a new and healthier way for consumers to engage the financial services industry. ” The simple mission of our firm is to help clients plan for significance“.  Our approach considers a broader assessment of wealth planning than typical focal points of return, allocation, diversification, and liquidity.  These are all good things but we consider these only part of proper planning and not the ultimate goal in and of themselves.

“We want to encourage our clients to go deeper in conversations than how. We even want to push the conversation away from the who (us) and the what (numbers).  One of our core beliefs is that financial, and for that matter all of our resources, are given to us to steward by God and for a specific purpose so we must begin with the why.”

John is a husband and father, dedicated follower of Christ, a passionate teacher of children and youth, and enthusiastic servant of his clients.  Having gained valuable past experience in multiple fields such as property and casualty insurance, real estate appraisal, and commercial and retail banking help him to serve his clients from a multi-dimensional perspective.  Perhaps his greatest training to help clients think with a long term perspective is his undergraduate training and early career in forest management.  “Valuable forests don’t grow overnight, nor without the proper attention to detail and neither do successful and significant wealth strategies.  It takes time, diligence and faith to reach the desired outcomes for both of these endeavors”. As a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, regular renewal and updating of his industry knowledge is critical to planning for clients.  Equally important is the ongoing integration of biblical wisdom to his craft through his regular involvement with Kingdom Advisors, the organization that certifies his Qualified Kingdom Advisor™ designation.

John has served clients since 1999 in the financial services industry but shares, “I’ve never been as excited as I am now with the introduction of Stewardly and the planning concepts we bring to the market.  I believe our client engagements will set a new standard for leadership and client service in years to come.”

Our First Meeting Together

Our first meeting is about getting acquainted.  Through our proprietary discovery process, you help us understand your challenges and desired outcomes in life.  You also tell us about the resources that are available to work toward these outcomes.  From this meeting, we provide a customized proposal of services specifically based on your needs with a clear outline of how our services will be compensated, should you choose to engage our services.  Please contact us today to schedule your personal discovery meeting.

If the iron is blunt, and one does not sharpen the edge, he must use more strength, but wisdom helps one to succeed.


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